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A little about Karesha, growing up she always aspired for greatness and always wanted her own business. Both her parents were business owners at some point. Her mother owning a daycare and her father having a auto shop, buying houses, running a restaurant, two bars, and home improvement. She was born and raised in the capital of Kansas (Topeka, Ks). Graduating from Topeka High School she decided to stay in Topeka with her family and start taking up college courses at Washburn University. After months of soul searching Karesha decided to move to Kansas City.

Moving to Kansas City she knew she was ready for something new. She later opened a children resale clothing store with the help and inspiration of her father. But there still was something missing she needed more. So, she then decided to pack up with her two children and move to Atlanta, Georgia. Once again being even farther away from family Karesha remained focused and trusted the Lord to guide her footsteps. She enjoyed Atlanta and what it had to offer but having her third child and all their family being in Kansas City she decided to move back.  

 Karesha wants to meet other people that thrives towards success the way she does. In the mix of getting things together she wanted her network to expand in the Kansas City area. She believes a strong network and connecting with like-minded people help businesses operate well. Also, becoming a girl scout troop leader, she seen potential in all the young ladies a little piece of herself. With hopes of her expanding her network she also wants to inspire young children to follow their dreams at young ages. That’s when she came up with Young and Successful Before 40.

Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need of expanding their network. Every since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide positive and meaningful events.  Young and Successful are for those that are starting a business, own a business, want a change in career, looking to hire, or just want to network for whatever reason! Even for those that have great ideas for the greater Kansas City area, so eventually you’ll need help to succeed. This organization intends to bring together both new entrepreneurs as well as those who have already successfully originated a start-up, and even those who work for companies but just want to network. We also strive to help Employer's build solid workplaces and the youth strive for success at early ages.



Our Services

Our Network Events

Young and Successful networks with everyone. So, we believe we all should get together and get to know each other. Always remember your business cards but ditch the sales pitch. Let’s have some fun!

Company Connect 

Let us host your Cooperation’s Conduct Team Building Events (Fitness Classes, Rock Climbing, Bowling, etc.), Cocktail Parties, Holiday Parties. And so much more, for you to establish a positive team for your business. 

Youth Connect

Knowing that the next generation can be successful we want to encourage them. School assemblies, Mentor connection, assisting with goal setting.

One on One mentoring

Do you need assistance coming out of your shell and becoming the best networker you can be? Well feel free to contact us personally or start off by coming to our smaller event luncheons. 

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